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Experience the benefits of Sculptra in Montgomery with the Simply Creative approach. Our award winning specialists help guide you through the process to give your skin a more youthful look.

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Sculptra is an injectable made from the ply-l-lactic acid that stimulates the natural collagen in our bodies. The injections work by initially filling a wrinkle with small PLLA beads. As the beads biodegrade the body may produce new collagen where Sculptra is injected, creating the look of more youthful skin. Sculptra injections for younger looking skin works with your body to help revitalize its collagen production and help restore your skins volume and structure. Overtime your skin will look more full and the looks of lines will diminish, with results lasting for up to 2 years.

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After the age of 25 our body loses 1% of it's collagen a year. Our specialists inject treatments into the appropriate area where the collagen supports the skins structure. The amount of injection appointments you will need vary from person to person and depends on how much collagen has already been lost. About three appointments are typically needed over a period of several months. Call our office about receiving your FREE consultation today!


Our Sculptra injections in Montgomery simply aim to educate, guide, and assist you with realistic expectations and outcomes. 


Interested in Scluptra? Book a FREE consultation at our office located in Pine Market by calling (936) 588-3541


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